Millpond, Chagford

Redevelopment of fulling mill, millpond and ancillary buildings for residential use. The derelict buildings that had originally formed part of the local woollen and milling industry were regenerated as a basis for a new house. The fulling mill had been unoccupied for 40 years and the stone lined millpond was silted up and populated by mature trees.

The buildings and adjoining structures are now all listed, and occupy a most beautiful rural setting in the valley bottom near Chagford.

As well as rebuilding, repairing and converting the existing structures, the brief included the rehabilitation of the millpond, sluices, and surrounding landscape which now provides a rich habitat for flora and fauna.

The open plan character of the new house links to the water area and landscape by a timber jetty and platform.

Contractor: Direct Labour: Contracting Project Manager Graham Bates ARICS
Awards: National RIBA Award 1990, RIBA Regional Award 1990, Civic Trust Award 1990