Holy Trinity, Gidleigh

The design approach to these changes is integrally bound into the spiritual and secular aspects set out in the Statement of Need, and derived directly from the fundamental nature of the church as described in the Statement of Significance.

Gidleigh is a resolute and humble granite church in the face of the high moorland weather and this strength and character generates a simple and enveloping sense of security and calm internally.

The Chancel, as the sacred focus of this church, had in both the recent and distant past been much altered and diminished in its elegance and stature by the siting of a heavy stone reredos (said to have come from its neighbour St. Mary’s at Throwleigh in the early 20th century, modern stone steps and floor on a concrete base had been installed, installation of a mixture of timber panels of differing materials have been incorporated over time with different stylistic details and designs and installation of the softwood choir platforms.

The proposal for re-ordering of the Chancel has allowed a fuller role both in terms of use for worship, private contemplation and small meetings as well as providing adequate space for communion, funerals etc., and also for secular meetings.


In designing to provide for the necessary fabric repairs and renewals, the church now provides for a wider, more flexible spiritual and secular use of the Chancel which also reinforces the nature of the sacred space and the importance of its focus in the body of the church.

Contractor: Character Builders (SW) Ltd